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I'm Naomi
I'm 15, well nearly, I'm in my 4th year at canon slade school. and right now i actually enjoy it. It's a lot of hard work but I love that. i have no idea what i wanna do with my life. something productive
i love my friends from school and church they're amazing.
I love Harry Potter so much its amazing.
I also love Taylor Swift, Doctor Who,JAMES BOND and SHERLOCK WOOO
"If you spent a lot of time with me you'd probably wonder if I was on drugs. I'm not.
I'm just hyperactive" - Daniel Radcliffe

When your Favorite character dies


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Dinard Film Festival arrivals. 


Dinard Film Festival arrivals. 


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Is there a mystic with the answers from above?
Is there a goddess with the hourglass of love?
So many questions swirling all around my heart,
Is this the end or just the start?

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